The ONCE, through its Foundation for the Care of People with Deafblindness (FOAPS), in collaboration with the Federation of Deafblind Associations of Spain (FASOCIDE) and the Spanish Association of Families of People with Deafblindness (APASCIDE), will present , for the first time in Spain, the red-white cane as a mobility aid that identifies people with deafblindness. It will take place next Friday, May 13, in the Press Room of the ONCE General Council (c / José Ortega y Gasset, 18), in Madrid, at 11.30. During the presentation, some of the users will make demonstrations of the usefulness of the use of this cane that gives them greater security in the autonomy of their movements and, in addition, facilitates their possible communication with the rest of people, aware of their disability. Likewise, both they and the representatives of the different institutions will reveal the main guidelines of communication towards these people. The act will be chaired by Elena Valenciano, president of the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament; accompanied by the vice president of the ONCE General Council, Patricia Sanz; the president of FOAPS, Andrés Ramos; the president of FASOCIDE, Francisco Javier Trigueros; and the president of APASCIDE, Dolores Romero.