8 Psychological Strengths 

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1 BRAVERY: An undisputed strength of Anna Sullivan by accepting amission that seemed impossible and that will help confrontever-increasing challenges in their attempt to get Hellen toLearn.
“so I conceive the original sin. surrendering! ” (Annie Sullivan)

2 PERSISTENCE AND DISCIPLINE: Two necessary qualities in the unapproachable task ofteaching a person from Scratch.
“how much I have to teach you has a name: everything”(Annie Sullivan)

3 PASSION: An overflowing force that makes Anne Sullivan get involved tothe deepest of her soul in her task. Pure energy in favor of agoal.

4 VITALITY:The Helen Keller, who lives in a world without lights or soundsbut enjoys and feels the smells, textures, flavors..

5 LOVE:An essential fortress in history and that lays the groundworkfor Anne’s fierce struggle for Hellen.

6 CURIOSITY AND DESIRE TO LEARN:Two key factors in hellen, without them there will be nomotivation, and without motivation there will be no learning.

7 GENEROSITY:Professor Anne Sullivan’s ultimate goal is to help, teach,support, in short: give to Others.

8 AND HOPE: Two lives full of hope and optimism, two people with aunique ability to strive to improve, to move forward, toachieve challenges that are sometimes virtually impossible…and to know that they could get it.