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in this section we indicate different types of sign languages ​​in 3 different languages ​​such as Spanish, Catalan or English, explaining a bit about this language and its use.

Sign language

Sign language, or sign language, is a natural language of gesture-spatial expression and configuration and visual perception (or even tactile by certain people with deafblindness), thanks to which deaf people can establish a channel of communication with their social environment, whether made by other deaf individuals or by anyone who knows the sign language used. While with oral language communication is established in a vocal-auditory channel, sign language does so through a gesture-viso-spatial channel. The manual language is divided into two branches, Ideogram .- Representation of an ideogram that facilitates communication at a higher speed. Dactilologia .- is the manual representation of the alphabet in space.


here we insert three examples of different sign vocabularies:




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